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The Flexi LiTHiON articulated range is now available with lithium-ion power


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The Flexi ACe LiTHiON range now features heavy-duty batteries that can be fully charged within one or two hours.

Thanks to the developments in lithium-ion battery technology, Flexi ACe Lithium trucks now require zero battery maintenance, which can offer many different advantages to Flexi truck users.

  • The Lithium battery delivers more energy density each hour than a regular lead powered one, meaning that it can be replenished much faster
  • Can be fully charged within one or two hours – depending on the battery level of discharge at the time
  • The short recharge time for the battery (90 minutes to charge from 80%) allows for multiple charges throughout the day over short periods, making multi-shift availability easier to achieve without battery damage
  • Distributes a power level output that is consistent right until the end, whereas with lead the power reduces noticeably between 60-80%
  • Offers a reliably long battery service life, no maintenance costs and significantly reduced battery downtime on multi-shift availability sites

Why is lithium-ion battery power becoming so popular?

  • Maintenance and emission free
  • Low operational cost, High system efficiency
  • General upgradeability, Plug & drive
  • Transparency and user-friendly
  • High degree of vehicle availability, 24/7 operation

Why should I choose this over gas?

Not only is LP Gas more expensive and time-consuming to change or refill at some sites, the control systems and catalytic converters required to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from LPG emissions add significantly to a truck’s operating costs. There are many differing emission control and operation noise level standards and rules across the world. Which make the manufacture and operation of engine powered trucks more and more difficult to secure in many markets.

How would I go about making the change to lithium-ion?

Narrow Aisle is offering a free consultancy service to users of all makes of LPG-powered (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) articulated forklift trucks, to allow the benefits of switching from LPG to lithium-ion battery power to be compared.
Is there anything else I should know?
We’re introducing a scrappage scheme that offers companies the chance to take older, less efficient forklift trucks out of their fleets and replace them with the latest ultra-efficient Flexi AC Lithium technology in the most cost-effective way possible.

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