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Flexi LITE now available to speed up the ISO container pallet loading process


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The Flexi LITE articulated truck is now available with an integrated four-stage ‘Quad’ lift mast. Highly Suited to the task of stuffing and de stuffing ISO containers, and the ideal product for use at sites where a high degree of ‘cross docking’ is undertaken.

  • Flexi LITE special chassis design provides low tyre point loading that complies with loading dock capabilities and ISO floor loading standards
  • Safe stacking works in the back of ISO containers or semi-trailers
  • Aisles as narrow as 1.8 metres
  • Designed to bring Flexi articulated space saving and handling efficiency to container cross dock operations
  • Unload and load pallets from and to ISO containers
  • Can take pallet loads directly from the container to their allocated location in the racking
  • Narrower front and rear axles allow 1000mm wide block stacking of pallets and in ISO container or dockside
  • Lift heights to 4.0 meters
  • List mast options include triplex full free lift or quad full free lift, to suit 5.5 meters
  • When fitted with a four-stage (quad) lift mast it can lift a pallet load weighing 1200kgs to 6 metres
  • Rear chassis width of just one metre plus 220° articulation makes for easy driving and stacking in the narrowest aisles

Narrow Front Axle – Makes operation in drive-in racks and block stacking easy.

Steel Plate Rear Panel – Detailed steel plate rear panel protects traction battery.

Easy Battery Change – Low rear lift off or roll off for fast changeovers. Good access for battery topping. No motors underneath.

Narrow Chassis – 1100mm wide rear chassis allows block stacking and drive in rack operation.

Tough Cushion Tyres – Flexi LITE front cushion rubber drive wheels provide excellent grip and traction in slippery conditions when fully loaded.

Tilting “Clear Vision” Mast – Flexi’s famous “clear vision” mast is available in either triplex or duplex format. Integrated side shift fork carriage is standard.

Parcel Bay – Conveniently located behind the operator and suitable for carrying a roll of plastic film or any other material that needs to be close to hand.

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