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The AUSA equipment range has been designed to be cutting edge technology for maximum reliability. This way, even in the toughest environments, AUSA equipment has the lowest cost and the highest levels of satisfaction.
  • Ausa C 150 H Forklift

    C 150 H Forklift

    Capacity- 1500kg

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  • Ausa C 200-250 H Forklift

    C 200-250 H Forklift

    Capacity: 2000kg - 2500kg

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  • Ausa C 300-350 H Forklift

    C 300-350 H Forklift

    Capacity: 3000kg - 3500kg

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  • Ausa C 500 H Forklift

    C 500 H Forklift

    Capacity: 5000kg

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  • Ausa C11 M Forklift

    C11 M Forklift

    Capacity: 1300kg

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  • Ausa D 150 RM/RMA/RMG Dumper

    D 150 RM/RMA/RMG Dumper

    Rigid Chassis Dumper 1500kg

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  • Ausa D 175 RMS Dumper

    D 175 RMS Dumper

    Rigid Chassis Dumper 1750kg

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  • Ausa D 201 RH/RHG/S Dumper

    D 201 RH/RHG/S Dumper

    Rigid Chassis Dumper 2000kg

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  • Ausa D 250 RMS/RHGS Dumper

    D 250 RMS/RHGS Dumper

    Rigid Chassis Dumper 2500kg

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  • Ausa D 300 RM/RH/A Dumper

    D 300 RM/RH/A Dumper

    Rigid Chassis Dumper 3000kg

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  • Ausa T 144 H Taurulift

    T 144 H Taurulift

    Capacity: 1350kg

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  • Ausa T 204 H Taurulift

    T 204 H Taurulift

    Capacity: 2000kg

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  • Ausa T 235 H Taurulift

    T 235 H Taurulift

    Capacity: 2300kg

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  • Ausa T 306 H Taurulift

    T 306 H Taurulift

    Capacity: 3000kg

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  • Ausa T 307 H Taurulift

    T 307 H Taurulift

    Capacity: 3000kg

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  • Ausa X 1100 RH Mixer

    X 1100 RH Mixer

    Capacity: 1,1m3

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